The instinct of rising to power and conquest has been nurtured deep inside every living thing inhabiting this world, regardless of whether they are humans, animals, or even God’s heralds.

The Story Begins

Even though the Earth is not a heavenly place for bad-natured people, it is too challenging for good people to survive.
After spending numerous years on Earth, the God’s heralds are fed up with their narrow land and little authority. As greed gets the better of them, the heralds start building strong armies to conquer new territories and become the sole ruler.
At first, minor clashes emerge; however, they later turn into devastating conflicts across the world.

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All the distinctive gaming features revolving around our ecosystem


Join a Clan & fight for resources with other Clans

Season and Events

Complete collections to win lucrative prizes


Fight battle mode to win other's cards

Transform & Upgrade

Upgrade low value cards to higher valuables card


Q2 - 2021
  • Write game plots and build character routes
  • Story about 25 Monstarrior Level 1
  • Finish character sketches
  • Choose WAX is the first platform to launch project
  • Develop webgame and Mobile version
  • Smartcontract
Q3 - 2021
  • Airdrop campaign
  • Launch webgame version
  • Drops NFTs and trade Moncards Level 1 on Atomichub
  • PvP & PvE Card Game System
  • Open source reward-contract as proof-of-prestige
Q4 - 2021
  • Upgrade PvE & PvP gameplay
  • Android & iOS version
  • Tournament & championship
  • Introduce Clans and new 25 Monstarriors
  • Clan totally owned by players as a valuable asset
  • War between Clans for resources
  • Introduce $MOWA & staking system
  • Launch Moncard Level 2
Q1 - 2022
  • Upgrade Moncard Level 3
  • Automatically generate card by AI system
  • Cross-use in our game ecosystem
  • Run side-chain to serve massive traffics
  • Land with personalization
  • System to elect players join the development board